Conda uninstall pytorch: How To Uninstall?

The conda uninstall pytorch is a common error that arises when an attempt is made to remove PyTorch from the conda environment. PyTorch is a widely used open-source machine learning library developed by Facebook’s AI Research lab, to provide tensor calculation with strong GPU acceleration and a deep neural network platform that enables easy and flexible experimentation.

However, there are instances where you may need to uninstall PyTorch from their systems, whether to clean up dependencies or due to other reasons. In this article, we’ll explore the process of uninstalling PyTorch using Conda, identify the causes behind potential errors during uninstallation, and provide effective solutions with proper Python codes.

What is the “conda uninstall pytorch” Error?

The “conda uninstall pytorch” error typically occurs when you attempt to remove PyTorch from their Anaconda environment using the ‘conda uninstall’ command. Despite executing the command, you often find that not all PyTorch files and dependencies are removed. This leads to residual files and potential conflicts in the environment.

What Causes the “conda uninstall pytorch” Error?

There are several factors contributing to this error. Some of those include:

Incomplete Uninstallation Process

When using ‘conda uninstall,’ certain files and dependencies may not be removed entirely. It can lead to leftover files in the environment.

# Incomplete Uninstallation Process
conda uninstall pytorch torchvision cuda80 -c soumith

Dependency Interactions

PyTorch dependencies, such as CUDA libraries and torchvision, might have interdependencies with other packages in the environment. This makes it challenging to remove them completely.

# Dependency Interactions
conda uninstall pytorch
pip uninstall torch
pip uninstall torch  # Run this command twice

Improper Environment Configuration

Issues with the Anaconda environment configuration or permissions settings can restrict the uninstallation process and leave behind residual files.

# Improper Environment Configuration
conda remove torch torchvision

How to Resolve the “conda uninstall pytorch” Error?

Resolving the “conda uninstall pytorch” error requires a systematic approach to completely remove PyTorch and its dependencies. Here are some effective solutions:

Use Proper Uninstallation Commands

Ensure you’re using the correct uninstallation commands recommended by PyTorch and Anaconda documentation:

# Proper Uninstallation Commands
conda uninstall pytorch
pip uninstall torch
pip uninstall torch  # Run this command twice

Clean Up Residual Files

Manually remove residual files and dependencies from the Anaconda environment, including tar.b2 files and unused packages:

# Clean Up Residual Files
conda clean --yes --packages --dry-run
conda clean --yes --tarballs --dry-run
conda clean --yes --all --dry-run

Utilize Specialized Tools

Consider using specialized tools like ‘pip-autoremove’ to automate the removal of unused dependencies:

# Utilize Specialized Tools
pip install pip-autoremove
pip-autoremove pytorch

Clean Unused Packages and Files:

Clean, unused packages and files to overcome this error.

conda clean --yes --all


Will these commands remove all PyTorch-related files and dependencies? 

If you execute these commands properly, it should result in the complete removal of PyTorch and its associated dependencies.

How to resolve permission errors during uninstallation? 

Ensure you have sufficient permissions to delete files and directories within your system. You may need to run the uninstallation commands with elevated privileges or adjust file permissions accordingly.


Uninstalling PyTorch using Conda may sometimes lead to errors or incomplete removal of files. However, you can effectively remove PyTorch and its dependencies without encountering significant issues by understanding the causes behind these errors and utilizing the appropriate solutions outlined in this guide.

Following the recommended procedures and executing the provided Python codes is essential to ensure a smooth uninstallation process.


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